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New Water Business Opens at 5555 College Street 

Have you ever wondered about the contents of the water you consume daily? If that thought has crossed your mind, Pure Hydration Plus, owned by Alyssa and Marvin Davis, alongside Marvin and Jessica Boutte, is the answer to your curiosity. This unique business is dedicated to educating consumers about the myriad benefits of choosing alkaline water over conventional tap or spring water. Equipped with a sophisticated filtration system, Pure Hydration Plus removes harmful toxins while preserving essential antioxidants and minerals crucial for our bodies.


According to Davis, “Once the water is meticulously filtered, it is bottled into various sizes, including single bottles, one-gallon jugs, three-gallon, or five-gallon jugs, all offered at an exceptionally affordable price.”


While ongoing medical studies continue to explore the benefits, consuming alkaline water is believed to contribute to boosting the immune system, increasing energy levels, promoting strong bones, lowering cholesterol, and neutralizing lactic acid in the body.


Pure Hydration Plus, one of the pioneering establishments of its kind in Beaumont, allows customers the option to bring their own bottles for refills or purchase bottles directly from the business. Additionally, they extend delivery services to commercial businesses seeking to provide their employees with access to quality alkaline water.


Beyond offering alkaline water, Pure Hydration Plus provides a platform for three local vendors to display an array of home products and unique items. While many of these products boast natural health benefits, the store also features jewelry, purses, and candles, creating a shopping experience for customers while their water bottles are being filled.


As the business expands, customers can now customize orders for Sea Moss gel, and the cooler offers ginger shots as a refreshing and health-conscious addition.


A testament to successful entrepreneurship, Davis shared, “My dream of opening a customer-centric business was made easier by teaming up with the right commercial realtors, Debbie Cowart and Tisha Stone from Coldwell Banker Commercial Arnold and Associates.” Davis expressed gratitude for their support, stating, “Debbie patiently showed me several properties before landing on the perfect location here on College Street near Lindbergh. She helped solve problems and expedited the process of securing the space by collaborating with the landlord and the City of Beaumont to find solutions that worked for everyone. In a short period, I was able to open to the public.”


In conclusion, Pure Hydration Plus not only offers a refreshing and health-conscious water option but also aims to enhance the overall well-being of its customers by providing a unique shopping experience. This establishment stands as a testament to the positive impact of collaboration, dedication, and a commitment to health in the entrepreneurial journey. For additional information contact Alyssa Davis 409-673-0237

5555 College St. Ste 111 Beaumont, TX 77707

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